Dianne Joyce IIDA


Ruth Ann Schlossberg


Sister act Dianne Joyce IIDA, and Ruth Ann Schlossberg, create the latest in award winning interior design for homes, hotels, and spas.


Combining over 50 years of design excellence, we provide visionary architectural, interior and exterior planning to transform your dream space into a reality; intuitively we sense your every want and need. 


Whether a new or re-design project, we focus on achieving a joyful, balanced and versatile lifestyle for our clients.  


Services provide client interview, full floor plans/elevations/section details, drawings for all custom built-ins, lighting and furniture space planning as well as purchasing and placement of home furnishings.  


And, with our architect and builder consultations and site monitoring we provide you vital time and money saving advice from inception to completion.  


For a free consultation call 305.740.9449 or email  info@OMdecor.com.